Gong Fu Cha Handmade Woven Bamboo Zen Tea Mini Tray - Tea Ceremony Teapot Holder

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Tea trays (in Chinese: chápán ●  茶盘 ) are an essential component of any Gongfu cha or Chinese tea ceremony. They can come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and materials, but they always serve one main purpose: collecting or draining the water spilled when washing, brewing or pouring during our tea sessions.
These are two  handmade woven bamboo mini tea tray, that can be got as a set or each of them separately. Although they can also be used for larger tea ceremonies, their size is ideal for cozier tea rituals from one to three people. One is of bigger size and it can be used also to store your teas, fruits etc...
The other mini tray is carved with a lotus seed-pod; lotus, both in Chinese and Buddhist cultures have a profound meaning of fertility and purity, as it grows pristine clean and untainted despite blooming in muddy waters. Lotus is also the only plant on Earth that simultaneously produces both the flower (cause) and the see-pod (effect), which is used as an example to explain the Buddhist principle of "simultaneity of cause and effect".