Gongfu Cha Hammer Pattern Glass Cups

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Wolf Claw
Tortuga Shell
Rounded Stripes
Six Corners
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Elegant Stripes
Eight Corners
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Traditional meets non-traditional with this collection of hand-made hammer pattern glass cups, especially designed for tea or Gongfu cha. Cups are made of kiln-fired borosilicate glass.


It can stand from below 0 temperatures to up to 150 ºC. This unique but familiar collection of cups are our twist on the Japanese-style hammer pattern cups. The collection consists of 9 different style/patterns, each has its unique texture, touch feel and visual effects when interacting with lights.


Capacity: all cups have a capacity between 50 and 70ml

Height: all cups are 3.5 to 5 cm. tall

Wide: all cups are between 5.5 and 7cm. wide



They come in set of two cups.