2015 Imperial Ripe Pu'er & 2018 Mandarin Chenpi - Digestif Xiao Qing Gan

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Xiao Qing Gan's the perfect marriage between aged mandarin peels and ripe Pu'er. Citrus rinds have been used as an infusion since the Ming Dynasty because of its medicinal properties and balsamic aroma.
The dried peel was accidentally brewed with Pu'er centuries ago, and the couple's just gained popularity ever since due to its unique flavour and benefits for digestive wellness:


🌿 Ripe Pu'Er is world's most digestif tea, reduces stomach bloating and improves overall gut health
🍊 Mandarin peel oils smooth the GI tract through secretion of digestive juices, alleviating indigestion & pain
🌿 Ripe Pu'Er builds a protective gastric layer. Mild caffeine and flavanols increase GI motility aiding digestion
🍊 "Chenpi" & ripe Pu'er are rich in vitamin C, supporting the inmune system and excretion of cholesterol
🌿 Both ripe Pu'Er and "chenpi" consumption contribute to a gradual decrease of blood lipid levels


This Xiao Qing Gan brings 2015 Gong Ting ripe Pu'er tea leaves together with 2018 Xinhui "Chenpi" (aged dry mandarin peels). Gong Ting or "Imperial Pu'er" is a hand-plucked small-buds-high-grade ripe-Pu'er tea, that grows in the Bulang Mountain in Yunnan, at an altitude of 1500-2000m. Trees are 80-100 years old and the varietal is Menghai Big Leaf.
On the other hand, the 2018 mandarin rinds come from Xinhui, and so that they are authentic "Chenpi" - for the tangerine rinds to be considered "Chenpi" they should aged for more than 3 years and they should come from Xinhui. They are also of the highest quality because they were a "Fully-Sun-Dryed"; unquestionably the best drying technique for obtaining top quality Xiao Qing Gans, as it allows the fusion of flavours to fully develop without limits over storage time expand.


It perfectly combines the mellow, sweetness, silky, nutty and earthy notes of the the Imperial Pu'er with the lightly citrusy, herbal and balsamic notes of the aged mandarin rinds. Different results (in colour, density and flavours) can be achieved depending on the brewing method, we only recommend to use boiling water (100°C) regardless of the steeping style:
 Gaiwan Brewing (or clay teapot)
 Decoction (for most concentrated soup)
 Neck Glass Teapot



  • • Quantity: 1 Mandarin
  • • Rinse the XQG to "wake it up". Cover it with boiling water and pour it after a few seconds
  • • Brewing Time: start with a 1' brew. Slightly increase the time in each successive infusion
  • • Water Temperature: 100° C
  • • Number of Brews: ≈10


  • Quantity: 500 ml. of water per 1 XQG 
  • • Brewing Time:  5 min
  • • Water Temperature: 100°C



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Customer Reviews

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Megan Leung
Taste and wellness in one tea: my all-time #1 cup of tea

After daily drinking Pu'er tea mandarins for a month, I noticed a significant reduction in bloating and my digestion feels much smoother, while my skin has a healthier glow! Tea's flavour is delightful and now a beneficial part of my routine.

John S.G.
Naturally de-bloating my digestions!

I've struggled with bloating and indigestion for years. After around a week of daily drinking this Pu’erh tangerine tea, I already feel lighter and more comfortable. Hands down the most delicious and natural de-bloating solution


This is my fave tea. Totally recommend.
Will be buying more.


Very good quality Xiao Qing Gan tea, beautifully packaged. Really enjoy brewing it in the Song dynasty glass teapot, which I also ordered from Amoy Teas. Wonderful customer service!

Francesco C
Excellent Xiao Qing Gan

Excellent quality tea%2C precisely what I was looking for. Good shipping - very affordable and surprisingly quick.I’ll happily buy more of this tea in future%21