Xiang Clouds - Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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Master your tea sessions or coffee rituals with our Xiang Clouds Gooseneck Kettle. Its innovative and unique designed is inspired by Asian "Auspicious Clouds" or "祥云", one of the most distinctive and auspicious art and decoration patterns in China's history.
The "Smart Temperature Control" function allows for to-the-degree temperature control on its LCD touchscreen, while the hand-polished spout will enhance the stability and control of your brew's water flow.


• Flash Boiling
• Temperature Control
• 8mm Gooseneck for a controlled pour
• Heat-Isolated Handle and Lid
• 1 Liter Capacity
Note 1:  AC220-240V   ~   50/60Hz    ~   1000-1200W
Note 2:  the desired plug adaptor for your region is also provided. If you cannot find your region's adaptor please let us know and we will source it for you.