Bodhi Leaf Tea Filter

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Bodhi Leaf
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The Bodhi Tree, also called “Bo Tree” or “Bodhi Fig Tree”, is the tree where, according to Buddhist texts, Buddha attained enlightment after meditating under it for 7 days. “Bodhi” means awakening or enlightment, and in Buddhist iconography, the Bodhi leaves are recognizable by its heart-like shapes.
This tea strainer is made from real bodhi leaves, which make it a totally natural tea filter, adding a naturally elegant touch to your gongfu sessions while being totally functional from the filtering point of view, as it is highly effective in filtering even very thin pieces of tea leaves. Each one of these leaves are unique and there are no 2 identical ones.
The Bodhi Leaf Filter is very delicate and will probably not last forever if frequently used, however it can be surprisingly durable if good care is taken care of it. Its size is perfectly fitting almost any gongdao bei or pitcher.
  • - Material: Bodhi Tree Leaves
  • - Diameter: 12-15cm