Enlightenment Old Rock Mud Teapot - Handmade Gongfu Cha Silvered Vintage Pot - 120cc

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This Enlightenment old rock mud teapot is made by combining natural rock minerals with earthenware, it then undergoes multiple high-temperature firings - both oxidation firings and reduction firing - achieving a unique natural slightly coarse and vintage-elegant texture.
The Enlightenment old rock coarse clay teapot is unglazed, bringing us to the origins and beauty of purity and simplicity. The design and decorative patterns of its body are purely handmade. A few details in the teapot, like the tip of the spout and lid are coated in silver, a craftsmanship in pottery that has been passed down from ancient times. Since every detail is handmade each teapot is unique and has its own soul. Same way, minor colour and shape variations are completely normal.
The mud teapot is certified as meeting national health standards for its daily use by the Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Household Ceramic Products.
  • Origin: Dehua
  • Material: natural rock and earthenware
  • Craft: handmade
  • Firing: high temperature oxidation and reduction firing
  • Capacity: 120ml
  • Size: 8.5cm x 5cm