Bamboo Stems Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Pot - Tall Shi Piao 250cc

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Bamboo stems is a fully handmade Yixing purple clay ("zisha" or "zini") teapot. The Yixing pot is a "tall shi piao". The "shi piao" shape of the clay tea pots takes its name and inspiration from a type of conical water container used in the ancient times in China. With a generous capacity of 250cc, it is ideal for both solo tea sessions and for hosting especial guests.
Bamboo stems is inspired, as it could not be otherwise, on the par excellence Asian symbol of bamboo, being the bamboo nods of the bamboo stems artistically and elegantly embodied in the clay pot. The pot boasts a delicate purple hue, that together with its classic Chinese "tall shi piao" design will make of its timeless edition to your tea ware collection.
Material: purple clay ("zisha")
Size12.5cm x 9.3cm x 5.3
Firinglong time firing at high temperature
Packaginggift box