Gongfu Cha Tea Cloth - Water Absorbent Tea Towel - Double Sided

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Made from blended fabrics, these colourful printed tea table cloths are the perfect gongfu cha tool for mopping up the spills and drips from, a more often than not, splashy tea session. However, these tea towels serve multiple additional functions; can be used for cleaning up your tea utensils, they can serve as a placemat or pot mat, as it can certainly isolate from heat, preventing from scalding your hand when handling certain pots.
Counting with a thickened double-sided layer, the tea towels have a very strong water absorption power, the inner absorbent side soaks up fluids at a touch, giving cloths a pleasing soft feel. The fabrics are finely sewed and there is not shedding of fur.
They are available in four different and equally colourful and beautiful designs.
Origin: Dehua, Fujian
Material: blended fabrics
Size36.5 cm x 17.5 cm