Starry Sky Jun Porcelain Set - Kettle + 2 Cups Gift Box - Fine Porcelain Hand Art Work

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Starry Sky is an exquisite handmade art work by porcelain Master Wen Hongyuan. Jun ware is a type of Chinese pottery and it is one of the Five Great Kilns of Song Dynasty ceramics.


Master Wen Hongyuan, born 1970, in Shenyang Town, Yuzhou, the birthplace of Jun porcelain in China. Master of Arts and Crafts in Henan Province.

Established in 2011, Hongyuan Porcelain Factory gradually developed and fired Jun porcelain teapots and artistic Jun porcelain, and rose to prominence in the art world, becoming a leading figure in the younger generation of Jun porcelain in China. He is referred to as the "King of Contemporary Jun Porcelain Pots". He has been awarded multiple times with gold medals from different art and porcelain related competitions.


  • • Material: Jun Porcelain


  • • Master: Wen Hongyuan

  • Pot Dimensions: capacity: 200cc | Length: 13.8cm | Tall: 7.5cm. 


  • • Cups Dimensions: capacity: 60cc | Diameter: 6cm | Tall: 4cm   


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