8 Faces Yixing Heini Black Clay Teapot - Handmade 8-Sided Black Mud Pot

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The 8 Faces teapot is an 8-sided iron-oxide rich Yixing "Heini" clay, that reveal its intense black colour after undergoing a "wuhui" or reduction oven-firing process; that means the pot is fired at high temperature in a low-oxygen environment, amplifying the original pigment on the clay, resulting in an elegant intense black colour. Heini tea pots are well-known for being versatile, welcoming most type all tea families.
The spout's filter of the teapot is made of 7 holesWith a capacity of 220cc, it is ideal for both solo tea sessions and for hosting tea ceremonies with 3 or 4 people. The teapot is shipped in a gift box.
Materialblack clay ("heini")
Size13.7cm x 7.5cm x 5.3
Capacity: 220cc
Firing: high-temperature in a low-oxygen environment
Packaging: gift box