Auspicious Clouds Gaiwan - Jingdezhen Handmade Qinghua Porcelain

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Auspicious Clouds gaiwan belong to a special ancient-style Qinghua (青花) porcelain collection. Qinghua porcelain ("blue and white porcelain") embraces a wide range of white porcelain decorated underglaze with a blue pigment, the decoration is applied by hand. Qinghua style became widely used in Chinese porcelain during the very early Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), although these wares started to be made around 1300-1320.


Due to the use of glaze and the firing in the kiln, the inside wall of the gaiwan can present very thin cracking that make enhance its charm. As every piece of this collection is totally handmade there are not two identical pieces.


This gaiwan's capacity is around 125 ml. It is available in three options: 

1. Three-Pieces Full Set Gaiwan

2. Full Set Gaiwan + 2 cups

3. Two-pieces Gaiwan (without plate)