Pomelo Oolong Rock Tea - 2003 Foshou

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Pomelo Oolong tea is a traditional tea drink in the area comprising Taiwan, Minnan (Fujian) and East Guangdong, where it is also known as the 'Tea of Success' in honour to Koxinga, its origin and consumption can be traced back to the 17 Century in Xiamen and Jinmen. After warring with Western powers, a population facing plague and short of medical supplies, Pomelo tea was given to the People and believed to have medicinal and healing effects.


Amoy Pomelo Oolong uses high grade 2003 Foshou (Buddha's Hand) Oolong that grows at an altitude of 600m. above sea level in Yongchun County, Fujian Province. The Foshou is mixed inside with a winter wild honey and a bit of pomelo juice. The Pomelo Oolong is charcoal roasted at low fire for around 15 hours, and it has been aging for 6 years now (since 2015).


These are the steps followed in the preparation of this Amoy Pomelo Tea:


1. the very first step, once the Foshou Oolong tea and the Pomelo are ready, is to cut off the Pomelo peel at the top, approximately about 1/5 of the whole grapefruit and take it off from the grapefruit while keeping it intact for its later use.  


2. the tea master kneads repeatedly the remaining grapefruit peel until it softens, right after the master take out the whole grapefruit pulp. This step requires a high skills for not to break the grapefruit peel.  


3. Foshou Oolong tea with winter wild honey and a bit of grapefruit juice is placed into the grapefruit shell. The tighter the tea, the better. After the grapefruit shell is filled with Oolong tea leaves, the lid is covered on it to restore it to a complete grapefruit shape.  


4. bind the whole grapefruit peel with a rope and charcoal roast it at low fire for about 15 hours.


5. Aging. The longer the storage time, the better.


During the production of this tea, dried oolong tea leaves are placed inside the emptied pomelo rind, allowing the tea to absorb the natural citrus aroma and flavors from the pomelo. The combination of oolong and pomelo creates a distinct and rich taste profile. As it ages, the tea develops a unique fragrance and taste that marries the earthy and roasted notes of the oolong with the subtle, sweet essence of the pomelo. The aging process allows the flavors to mellow and intensify, creating a tea with a complex and layered taste profile.


1. Digestive Support: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) agrees that aged pomelo tea aids digestion, easing bloating and indigestion. Western studies note its rich fiber content, promoting gut health by also, aiding digestion, reducing constipation, and supporting a healthy microbiome.
2. Antioxidant Powerhouse: TCM and Western perspectives align on the high antioxidant content in aged pomelo tea. These antioxidants combat oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, supporting immune function, and potentially lowering chronic disease risk.
3. Respiratory Wellness: TCM values the ability of aged pomelo tea to relieve coughs and clear phlegm. Western research shows its potential to ease respiratory issues by clearing airways, reducing congestion, and aiding better breathing.
4.Stress Reduction: Western and TCM perspectives recognize the calming effects of aged pomelo tea aromatic nature aids in reducing stress, promoting relaxation and a calmer state of mind.
5. Metabolic Support: TCM suggests aged pomelo tea boost metabolic function. The Western perspective highlight that it can regulate fat absorption and support weight management and a healthier body composition..
6. Skin and Immune Health: TCM and Western studies highlight the impact of Paged pomelo teas on skin health and the immune system. Regular consumption may reduce skin inflammation, contributing to clearer skin and supporting overall immune function.


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