Walnut Gongdao or Justice Tea Cup - Classic Handmade Glass Fairness Tea Pitcher

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220 ml.
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Gongdao Bei or Fairness Pitches is one of the most essential tools to brew tea in the Gongfu style. Its origin dates back to the Qing Dynasty era, when loose leaf teas started to gain popularity above the compressed tea cakes.
This is a classic-style cup of justice, beautifully designed with a walnut ("hetao" - 核桃) pattern. It is made of a heatproof glass, handmade following the ancient craft of glassblowing - blowing air into molten glass with the aid of a blowpipe.
  • Material: heatproof borosilicate glass
  • Size9cm x 8cm x 6cm
  • Capacity220ml
  • Craft: handmade glassblowing