Jin Jun Mei (金俊眉) Spring 2020

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The Tongmu Village (桐木关), in the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian province, is the very birthplace to black teas, although it was Lapsang Souchong (正山小种) that made the village famous all over the world. However, during recent years, and especially since the "birth" of Jin Jun Mei back in 2005, Tongmu Village has been prospering like never before, and Jin Jun Mei has even achieved popularizing black tea consumption among the local population for the first time in the millennia-long history of China.
Jin Jun Mei (AKA: "Beautiful Golden Eyeborws") is made of only (single) buds, in the case of this tea, buds were collected pre-Qingming of 2020 from the wild growing, primitive and predominant varietal (around 55% of Tongmu Village) Xiao Cai Chai (小菜茶), also known as Qi Zhong (奇种), at an altitude of about 900 metres in the Wuyi Natural Reserve Park, where Tongmu Village is located.


1. Cardiovascular Support: theaflavins may assist lowering cholesterol, while studies show that flavonoids (same antioxidants found in dark chocolate or red wine) may significantly reduce the chances of encountering major cardio-vascular events.
2. Gut Function: known for their digestive properties, black teas aid in easing gastrointestinal function, studies agrees that it can assist reducing inflammation and supporting a healthy gut, bringing balance to the microbiome and alleviating digestive discomfort.
3. Enhanced Mental Focus: a balanced combination of caffeine and L-theanine. While caffeine induces a more jittery energy, the balanced combination wit L-theanine result in a stable and level type of energy, fostering clarity and cognitive functio, without the intensity of other caffeinated beverages.
4. Antioxidant Boost: packed with powerful antioxidants, black teas help the body combat oxidative stress, potentially reducing cell damage and promoting overall well-being, thus strengthening the immune system.
5. Stress Reduction: the amino acid L-theanine in black teas aids in relaxation without causing drowsiness. Regular consumption can help reduce stress levels and promote a calm, focused state of mind.


Jin Jun Mei is a highly labour-intensive tea to produce as it requires thousands of hand-picked buds just to make one jin (half a kg.), and this one - unlike many low quality "JJM" in the market with many golden buds - presents a darker look in comparison, with about 30% golden buds. Even when infused at 100°C it doesn't bring astringency or bitterness, but only its mellow, charm and ripe-fruity maltiness.


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