Did you know what the main White Tea's Tree Varietals are?

Fujian province is beyond doubts the cradle of white tea, however... do we know what are the most commonly used tea tree varietals to do white teas? Let's dive into it: 

1 ️ Fuding Dabai (福建大白)
AKA -> (Fuding Big White)

⚪ It is obviously natural to Fuding city, Diantou village, it has acultivation history of 140 years, it reproduces asexually, small arbor type, middle-size leaf, early-growing specie.

⚪ It has the characteristics of cold and drought resistance. Nowadays it is planted in more than 20 provinces all over China.


 ️ 2: Fuding Dahao (福鼎大毫)
AKA -> (Fuding Big Fuzz)

⚪ It is also natural to the Diantou Village, same as Dabai, it has acultivation history of 120 years, it also reproduces asexually, small arbor type but large-size leaf, early-growing varietal.

⚪ In Fuding, the output of Dahao tea is higher than that of Dabai (the single bud of Dahao is heavier than that of Dabai). Dahao is fat bud head, covered with white fuzz. Dabai tea is sweeter than Dahao. However, in Fuding, Dabai tea and Dahai teas often are made together.

3 ️ Fu'an Dabai (福安大白)

⚪Fu'an Dabai tea, also known as Gaoling (高岭) Dabai tea. This varietal is natural to the Gaoshan (高山) in the Fu'an city. It is charaterised by asexual reproduction, small arbor type, large leaf, early-growing

⚪ In 1985, it was recognized by the National Tea Examination Committee.




4 ️ Zhenghe Dabai (政和大白)

⚪ abbreviated as Zhengda, is nativeto the Tieshan (铁山) village in Zhenghe county, it has a cultivation history of more than 100 years. Mainly distributed over the North and Southeast tea areas of Fujian (introduced in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan and other provinces) (suitable for making baked black tea, green tea and white tea)

⚪ Characteristics: asexual reproduction, small arbor, large leaf, late-growing species

5 ️ Fuyun No. 6 (福云6号)

⚪ Fuyun 6, it is a bred by single plant breeding after natural hybridization between Fuding Dabai tea and Yunnan Daye tea from 1957 to 1971(suitable for making green tea, black tea and white tea)

⚪ asexual reproduction, small arbor type, large leaf. Very early seed.

6 ️ Gele (歌乐茶)

⚪ originated in Bailiu village (柏柳村), Fuding City, with a history of more than 100 years (suitable for making green tea, white tea and black tea) and suitable for cultivation in Fujian areas

⚪ asexual reproduction, small arbor type, large leaf, late-growing species