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Magic Of Amoy Teas...

the Magic of Amoy Teas...

Amoy Teas

the Magic of Artisan Teas & Gongfu Cha


Amoy Teas is an artisan teas and teaware online boutique brand founded in Hong Kong in June 2020. The brand is result of a passion, on the one hand, for quality, origin, healthy craft loose-leaf-teas made by small tea farmers and producers, differing from the mass-produced products usually found in the market. On the other hand, result of the passion for all the magic around the tea culture, the tea ceremony or Gongfu Cha and all the craftsmanship teawares’ involved on it.



After years combining the passion with work, first as an online marketer and then as a cross-border logistic manager in South China, the founder, Kike (AKA Eric in the emails :P ), decided to abandon his professional career in 2022 to fully dedicate to his dream: Amoy TeasIn Amoy Teas, we are well aware of the tremendous efforts, sacrifice and love behind the scenes, during the harvesting, production and processing of tea. At the same time, we are also aware of how important is for our clients and followers to be confident about quality, origins and health effects from teas.


Kike in Yunnan Brewing Pu'er tea


That is the reason why Amoy Teas works hand in hand with local tea growers and farmers across different regions in China, we value and promote craft teas that still embody the local tea culture and craftsmanship, an increasingly rare a unique feature in nowadays’ world. Likewise, the previous translates into exclusive natural artisan teas, produced in smaller batches, and therefore ideal for safe and very healthy consumption. All our teas are sourced by ourselves and directly purchased from the people growing and producing the teas.



Finally, our mission is also for the spread of the tea culture and Gongfu Cha, through sharing stories behind teas as well as educational content to bring awareness to the community of how tea is much more than just a common beverage.


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Wishing happy brewings to everyone,

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